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List of Open today Pharmacies next to Şǝki

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 kanon aptek(Located 86.75 Km)
ata turk avenue, gəncə, azerbaijan azerbaijan Ganja ,Gǝncǝ ,Gǝncǝ ,Azerbaijan 
 aptek(Located 61.37 Km)
ismayil bay gutgashinli, qəbələ, azerbaijan azerbaijan Qutqashen ,Qǝbǝlǝ ,Qǝbǝlǝ ,Azerbaijan 
 ucar dok.46b(Located 86.61 Km)
ujar, azerbaijan azerbaijan Ucar ,Ucar ,Ucar ,Azerbaijan 
 phone available. 
 dərman deposu(Located 85.96 Km)
ganja, azerbaijan azerbaijan Ganja ,Gǝncǝ ,Gǝncǝ ,Azerbaijan 
 damla optika(Located 88.34 Km)
149 shah ismayil khetayi ave, ganja, azerbaijan azerbaijan Ganja ,Gǝncǝ ,Gǝncǝ ,Azerbaijan 
 phone available. 
 aptek 2 eded(Located 90.89 Km)
ganja, azerbaijan azerbaijan Ganja ,Gǝncǝ ,Gǝncǝ ,Azerbaijan 
 zəfəran(Located 48.33 Km)
heydər əliyev prospekti, mingəçevir, azerbaijan azerbaijan Mingachevir ,Mingǝcevir ,Mingǝcevir ,Azerbaijan 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 vitamin aptek(Located 65.51 Km)
zaqatala, azerbaijan azerbaijan Zaqatala ,Zaqatala ,Zaqatala ,Azerbaijan 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 central pharmacy(Located 108.06 Km)
63 fakhraddin musayev st, qusar az3800, azerbaijan az3800 Qusar ,Qusar ,Qusar ,Azerbaijan 
 аптека "реал"(Located 113.76 Km)
gaptsakh, dagestan republic, russia, 368785 368785 Samur ,Qusar ,Qusar ,Azerbaijan 
 phone available.