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abu simbel temples is one of the pharmacies that we have in our database of Egypt that we can recommend you with certainty. Don't look for more pharmacies in Abū sunbul since this will solve all your problems, telephone or go to the establishment.

If you are spending the weekend in Abū sunbul and your head hurts and you need to take some medication to cure that discomfort, remember first of all pass by the nearest doctor and he can prescribe you a medication, then you can go through abu simbel temples and buy those medicines.

Keeping up-to-date on your pharmacy information in Abū sunbul is very important for a customer to settle for your business. Don't waste any more time and modify the abu simbel temples information as currently as possible.

Since Pharmaciesworldwide we advise to keep this pharmacy from Egypt forever in our pharmacy guide in Egypt, because it is a very fruitful result obtained thanks to the number of visits we have, but if you still want to delete the pharmacy abu simbel temples, you can do it without any problems with the links that appear in this tab to do that action.


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Aswān (Province)
Abū sunbul
abu simbel temples
aswan governorate, egypt
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22.33723, 31.6258


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