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If you are spending the weekend in Tanta and your head hurts and you need to take some medication to cure that discomfort, remember first of all pass by the nearest doctor and he can prescribe you a medication, then you can go through dr abdulaziz agwa pharmacies ( al-kamal ) and buy those medicines.

dr abdulaziz agwa pharmacies ( al-kamal ) is a pharmacy from our database. It's located in Egypt, specifically in the city of Tanta. If it's yours it's information and you want to be able to modify it, get in touch with us and tell us what you want to modify.

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We are pleased to inform you that dr abdulaziz agwa pharmacies ( al-kamal ) is one of our pharmacies in Tanta that has all the requirements to give good service to our users, as reflected by the number of positive opinions we have found about it before it was stored in our database.


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Al Gharbīyah
Al gharbīyah (Province)
dr abdulaziz agwa pharmacies ( al-kamal )
al morshedi, tanta, gharbia governorate, egypt
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30.79113, 31.00169


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