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Pharmacies in Kijang It isn't very common to find an international pharmacy guide. Normally these are specializing by countries. We are pleased to inform you that we have a directory with pharmacies around the world and in this case with Pharmacies in Kijang.

Do you have a stomach ache? Do you need a medicine to help you with that? First of all it's always advisable to go to your nearest doctor to prescribe the most appropriate medicine. Once you go to it, then you have to look at any of the pharmacies in Kijang that we have in this guide.

The search of pharmacies online has been duplicated over time, the fact that it's a type of company important for society makes its level of searches great, if you have a company in Indonesia don't hesitate to give Enter your details in our guide of Pharmacies in Kijang.

Have you seen your business details in our Pharmacies in Kijang? It's possible that we may have this information in our database, if it's the case and you don't want to be reminded that you can unsubscribe this information by contacting us.

Pharmacies in Kijang by category

24 hours
One of the biggest drawbacks you may have is that you need to buy some drugs at a pharmacy in Kijang (Indonesia) and you realize that there are times when they have all closed, if that happens to you, here is a list of those that are open 24 hours
Open today
If you are starting to find yourself wrong, and what happens to you is a common annoyance, such as a cold start and you need to know which pharmacy in Kijang (Indonesia) is open today, you just have to access this section and observe which is the one that interests you of all the ones that appear in the list
Do you want to buy a drug but do not feel like leaving home in Kijang (Indonesia)? If this is your case, we recommend that you use any of the online pharmacies that appear in the catalog of this section, simply choose the one that you think may best suit your needs
There are not many specialty pharmacies, most pharmacies usually sell common drugs. If what you need is to buy a special type of drug, here is a list of pharmacies in Kijang (Indonesia) specialized, all according to the opinion of our users
It is important to save money, you never know when you can happen an economic perch. You can start saving on the purchase of medicines, here we show you a guide of cheap pharmacies in Kijang (Indonesia) according to the opinion of our users


List of pharmacies next to Kijang

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 apotek k-24(Located 232.80 Km)
ruko kara - junction, jl simpang kara, komplek centre park blok a no. 2-3, indonesia indonesia Simpang ,Jambi ,Jambi ,Indonesia 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 apotek rizky sejahtera(Located 333.74 Km)
jl. jend. sudirman no.327, sungai baru, mentok, kabupaten bangka barat, kepulauan bangka belitung 33351, indonesia 33351 Muntok ,Bangka-Belitung ,Bangka-Belitung ,Indonesia 
 apotek k-24(Located 16.73 Km)
jalan d.i. panjaitan km. 07, tanjungpinang, melayu kota piring, tanjungpinang tim., kota tanjung pinang, kepulauan riau, indonesia indonesia Tanjungpinang ,Riau Islands ,Riau Islands ,Indonesia 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 apotek sehat(Located 346.94 Km)
ruko graha cakra kencana blok c, jalan muhidin, sungai liat, sungailiat, sungai liat, kabupaten bangka, kepulauan bangka belitung 33211, indonesia 33211 Sungailiat ,Bangka-Belitung ,Bangka-Belitung ,Indonesia 
 phone available. 
 apotik talang banjar(Located 299.03 Km)
jl. rangkayo hitam, rt. 7 no. 31, sulanjana, jambi tim., kota jambi, jambi 36123, indonesia 36123 Jambi ,Jambi ,Jambi ,Indonesia 
 phone available. 
 apotek(Located 328.21 Km)
jl. jenderal sudirman, rengas condong, muara bulian, kabupaten batang hari, jambi 36613, indonesia 36613 Jambi ,Jambi ,Jambi ,Indonesia 
 kalbe(Located 355.16 Km)
jl. setia budi, no. 161, pekanbaru, 28126, indonesia, pesisir, limapuluh, kota pekanbaru, riau 28126, indonesia 28126 Pekanbaru ,Riau ,Riau ,Indonesia 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 sungai liat apotik(Located 348.39 Km)
jl. muhidin, no. 134, karya makmur, sungai liat, kabupaten bangka, kepulauan bangka belitung 33211, indonesia 33211 Sungailiat ,Bangka-Belitung ,Bangka-Belitung ,Indonesia 
 phone available. 
 apotek indonesia(Located 298.09 Km)
jl sentot ali basya, payo selincah, payo selincah, jambi tim., kota jambi, jambi 36112, indonesia 36112 Jambi ,Jambi ,Jambi ,Indonesia 
 phone available. 
 parazelsus indonesia. pt dksh(Located 355.57 Km)
jl. ronggo warsito 2, 4, pekanbaru, cinta raja, sail, pekanbaru city, riau 28127, indonesia 28127 Pekanbaru ,Riau ,Riau ,Indonesia 
 phone available.