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via vittorio veneto, 62, ozieri ss, italy 07014 Ozieri ,Provincia di Sassari ,Sardinia ,Italy 
 phone available. 
Pharmacies in Sardinia We understand that there are many guides on the internet of Pharmacies in Sardinia and that registering in them is a difficult task, but at least you have to be registered in ours, since it is the most important of pharmacies in Italy.

For us it's very important to have a truthful and updated information until the last moment, for this reason, we advise our users, if they detect in this guide of Pharmacies in Sardinia some information that doesn't correspond with reality, please communicate quickly to change it.

From Pharmaciesworldwide we tell you that if you just have a medical emergency, the first thing you have to do is relax and not get more nervous than you already are, here we will show you a great option of Pharmacies in Sardinia so that you can as soon as possible go to buy those medicines that are missing.

Did you just burn? Do you need an ointment? Here is a list of pharmacies in Sardinia so you can go fast and buy it to relieve your pain as soon as possible. If you have any doubts, it is always advisable to go to your nearest doctor.


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24 hours
Many people go mainly to this pharmacy guide open 24 hours in Sardinia (Italy) because it is the most complicated things to know of a pharmacy, it is usually information that is inaccurate and doesn't know where to find it
Open today
Not every day you have the opportunity to discover a pharmacy guide in Sardinia (Italy) that offers you the possibility to know which are the ones that open today. If you want to enjoy this list, just enter this link
We have the largest pharmacies in the network and with the most requested products and at the best price, incredible offers are waiting for you thanks to our guide of online pharmacies in Sardinia (Italy)
Do you take medication that is not in conventional pharmacies? If that is your case and you are in Sardinia (Italy) and you urgently need to know which specialized pharmacies are the closest to your location, enter here and find out
It is possible that certain products may vary in price from one pharmacy to another, if you want to know which are the pharmacies that according to many users have a more competitive prices in Sardinia (Italy), go to this link

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Although it seems incredible many people don't know how to find pharmacies in Sassari. They go out to the street and spend minutes searching and asking until they find it, here you don't need that anymore, we show you all very well organized.
Quartu Sant'Elena
Are you looking for pharmacies in Quartu Sant'Elena? Here we have hundreds of the best pharmacies in Italy. Just enter and choose the one that most suits your needs, taking into account the location regarding your house.
Are you spending the weekend at Olbia? Do you feel bad and need a specific medication? Here we offer you a great guide of pharmacies in Italy so that your problems are solved.
Alghero, with an estimated population of 44000, is already large enough to have a pharmacy, but if we still can't find it don't worry, we show all those pharmacies of Italy ordered in distance per km closer to Alghero.
Are you passing by Nuoro? You may find yourself here now for work or for a family affair, if that is the case and you have finished your medication and you need to know which pharmacy is closest, here we show you the guide with most of the pharmacies in the area.

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via vittorio veneto, 62, ozieri ss, italy 07014 Ozieri ,Provincia di Sassari ,Sardinia ,Italy 
 phone available. 
viale aldo moro, 68, 07026 olbia ot, italy 07026 Olbia ,Provincia di Olbia-Tempio ,Sardinia ,Italy 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
2 p. della vittoria, macomer, nu 08015, italy 08015 Macomer ,Provincia di Nuoro ,Sardinia ,Italy 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
via giuseppe garibaldi, 13, 07041 alghero ss, italy 07041 Alghero ,Provincia di Sassari ,Sardinia ,Italy 
 phone available. 
via de gasperi, 59, 08029 siniscola nu, italy 08029 Siniscola ,Provincia di Nuoro ,Sardinia ,Italy 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
via cagliari, 61, 09026 san sperate ca, italy 09026 San Sperate ,Provincia di Cagliari ,Sardinia ,Italy 
 phone available. 
via carlo forlanini, 33, 07100 sassari ss, italy 07100 Sassari ,Provincia di Sassari ,Sardinia ,Italy 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
corso vittorio emanuele ii, 73, 07046 porto torres ss, italy 07046 Porto Torres ,Provincia di Sassari ,Sardinia ,Italy 
 phone available. 
via principe amedeo, 07024 la maddalena ot, italy 07024 La Maddalena ,Provincia di Olbia-Tempio ,Sardinia ,Italy 
 phone available. 
snc vl. repubblica, nuoro, nu 08100, italy 08100 Nuoro ,Provincia di Nuoro ,Sardinia ,Italy 
 phone available.