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drug store mori frespo kuboten town shop is a pharmacy from our database. It's located in Japan, specifically in the city of Buzen. If it's yours it's information and you want to be able to modify it, get in touch with us and tell us what you want to modify.

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From Pharmaciesworldwide we care a lot about our users, we want them to find the best pharmacies in Buzen. That is why we advise you to go through drug store mori frespo kuboten town shop, as it will surely offer you an excellent service. Don't waste time and get in touch with this pharmacy.

Many people in Buzen when they feel ill, maybe because of laziness or carelessness let it happen and do nothing, it's advisable to always go to your nearest doctor so he can safely prescribe some medication and that is when you need to observe in this pharmacy guide in Japan which is the most advisable. We recommomend drug store mori frespo kuboten town shop, below you will see that there are all the data that we have at this pharmacy.


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drug store mori frespo kuboten town shop
1776-5 hachiya, buzen, fukuoka prefecture 828-0021, japan
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33.61452, 131.1278


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