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If any of the medicines you take every day are gone and you find yourself in Tunelu-teliu, remember to go to the nearest pharmacy from where you are, farmacom 225 s.a. may be one of those pharmacies that can solve your problems.

farmacom 225 s.a. is a pharmacy from our database. It's located in Romania, specifically in the city of Tunelu-teliu. If it's yours it's information and you want to be able to modify it, get in touch with us and tell us what you want to modify.

Removing this information is a simple process in the same way that it is modified. Next to where you find the link to modify the information of farmacom 225 s.a. you will notice that the link is there to remove it.

We advise all our users to call farmacom 225 s.a. as long as this information is available on the card, in this way you can save yourself having to go to the pharmacy in Tunelu-teliu, it's possible that the medicine you are looking for is not available at the moment.


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Other Cities in Romania
Other cities in other cities in romania
farmacom 225 s.a.
str. vladimirescu tudor, 140, com. teliu, brasov, teliu 507225, romania
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45.70178, 25.84731


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