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rincon, lascano, rocha, uruguay 27300 Lascano ,Rocha ,Rocha ,Uruguay 
Pharmacies in Uruguay It's very important that if you have just entered your data in our database of Pharmacies in Uruguay you give all possible information about your pharmacy, any miniscule detail can make you stand out over other information in Uruguay.

Are you messing with our website? Don't know how to find the information? Thanks to our search engine at the top you can simplify your search if you know the name of Pharmacies in Uruguay or the name of the city of Uruguay where you need a pharmacy.

Are you out of the medication you take for asthma? Do you need to know which pharmacy is closest to your home in Uruguay? It's very important to have this type of medication in handy so that when you see yourself with respiratory problems you can take them quickly to prevent any asthma attack.

Many people believe that having a pharmacy in Uruguay is synonymous of success since normally in the cities there is a limit per zone, but still many coexist in a very close ratio, if you want to stand out about them and bring you more customers, please, sign up for our directory of Pharmacies in Uruguay.


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24 hours
If you are on vacation by Uruguay and you have just emerged an emergency in hours that pharmacies are closed and you want to know stems are the ones that open 24 hours, go to this link and check it
Open today
When you have a baby it is very important to have the bottles and everything related to it always up to date. If it turns out that it is late at night and we see that we are missing something, we have to go immediately to the nearest pharmacy that opens at that time, click on this link to know the pharmacies that open today in Uruguay
Being able to buy a medicine from home and save yourself those queues at the pharmacy and a long walk, is priceless, so if you want in Uruguay to buy medicines online, here we offer a list of all of them, with good prices
There is nothing worse than having fun in Uruguay, such as having a beer, having dinner with friends, etc., and realize that you have left at home a medication that you should take, and you need a specialized pharmacy, here is a list of all of them
If you just lost your job and need to not waste your money, here we offer the possibility that you can find pharmacies in Uruguay at a good price, according to our users. It is important in health matters to know which are we can save a little money, enter here and consult them

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We are happy to inform you that we have a large number of pharmacies in Montevideo. It's not common to find a guide online with all the pharmacies of Uruguay but here we are pleased to know that we have it.
Enter this link and find hundreds of pharmacies in Salto or its surroundings. Finding a pharmacy never had been so easy thanks to our wonderful database.
Are you spending the weekend at Paysandú? Do you feel bad and need a specific medication? Here we offer you a great guide of pharmacies in Uruguay so that your problems are solved.
Las Piedras
Are you in Uruguay? If so, and you find others in Las Piedras for whatever reason and you need to know which pharmacies are in this town here we show them well ordered.
Are you passing by Rivera? You may find yourself here now for work or for a family affair, if that is the case and you have finished your medication and you need to know which pharmacy is closest, here we show you the guide with most of the pharmacies in the area.
You have the flu? Do you need to buy medication? Here you can find all the pharmacies that are in Maldonado to cure the flu and avoid letting it continue to bother you as it is now and so you can have a normal life without discomfort.

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rincon, lascano, rocha, uruguay 27300 Lascano ,Rocha ,Rocha ,Uruguay 
montevideo, montevideo department, uruguay 11900 Pajas Blancas ,Montevideo ,Montevideo ,Uruguay 
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manuel lobo 454, col del sacramento, departamento de colonia, uruguay 70000 Colonia del Sacramento ,Colonia ,Colonia ,Uruguay 
 phone available. 
18 de julio 550, trinidad, flores, uruguay 40001 Tranqueras ,Rivera ,Rivera ,Uruguay 
 phone available. 
dr. rodolfo de angelis, carmen, departamento de durazno, uruguay uruguay Villa del Carmen ,Durazno ,Durazno ,Uruguay 
 phone available. 
diagonal honduras, departamento de canelones, uruguay uruguay La Floresta ,Other Cities in Canelones ,Canelones ,Uruguay 
 phone available. 
ruta 1 vieja, 80100 puntas de valdez, departamento de san josé, uruguay 80100 Puntas de Valdez ,San José ,San José ,Uruguay 
 phone available. 
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avenida al parque, ciudad de la costa, montevideo, uruguay uruguay Barra de Carrasco ,Other Cities in Canelones ,Canelones ,Uruguay 
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101 22.400, col nicolich, departamento de canelones, uruguay 14000 Colonia Nicolich ,Other Cities in Canelones ,Canelones ,Uruguay 
 phone available. 
tomas berreta 585, artigas, uruguay 55000 Artigas ,Artigas ,Artigas ,Uruguay 
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