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Health problems are very serious issues and we can't stop solving them later, we must give them priority. If for example you have finished a very important medicine and you find yourself by Casanay, here we show you farmacia san carlos, a pharmacy where you can buy the medicine you've ran out of and will surely leave you satisfied with the service offered.

We are pleased to inform you that farmacia san carlos is one of our database pharmacies in Venezuela. If you have just discovered that this is your pharmacy and you are on our site, you must be happy because thanks to that can reach more customers than if you did by not belonging to this database.

If you wish to delete farmacia san carlos because you are the owner of this pharmacy in pharmacies and you are not interested in appearing in our pharmacy directory in Venezuela, don't worry, click on the link 'delete information' above and follow the steps.

farmacia san carlos is waiting for your call or to go through your store to offer you the health related products you are looking for. This pharmacy is located in Casanay in the country of Venezuela. If you are not interested in this pharmacy remember that below we show you those that are closest.


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Municipio andrés eloy blanco
farmacia san carlos
calle venezuela, casanay, sucre, venezuela
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10.50324, -63.41858


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